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Vocal Mix and Master for Phat Suspekt Beats: 110.- Euro
Vocal Mix and Master for all external Beats: 130.-
Additional -14 LUFS Master for Youtube: 20.-
Custom Beats: 150.-
Beat Mixing: 100.-
Recording Sessions: 40.-/Std.



Mixing is the process where your song gets the right sound balance. Unwanted noises and frequencies get eliminated, instruments are arranged in the stereo field and levels are adjusted. Compression, EQs, Reverb and Panning are suitable to bring instruments closer to the listener or move them into the distance.

It's basically a technical process, but you need musical understanding to get the idea of the song and to feel what's important for the artist's expression.


A Decent mixdown and mastering makes your song stand out from the mass.



Mastering is a completely different process within audio engineering than mixing. Here you work with one stereo track instead of many tracks (unless you do stem mastering) and polish the mixed song to get out the last 5% of sound and loudness. If an album or EP is mastered, the sound and levels of each song gets adjusted to suit each other.

A Song needs to be mastered to sound good on different speakers (Hifi, TV, Studio Monitors, Mobile Speakers, Cellphones, Headphones, Earbuds...) and for different purposes (Streaming Platforms, Youtube Videos, Radio Airplay, Live Concerts).


If you need any additional information, recommendations or tips, feel free to /contact me.

Listen to the hiphop productions and rap tracks i mixed and mastered in my credentials.

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