Beat Mixing


You are a creative beatmaker, but you aren't happy with your mixing skills?
Maybe you don't have enough time, experience or audio gear to get satisfying results?


You can send your Beat Trackouts to Phat Suspekt now and get all that engineering done.


1 Beat Mixdown: 99.- Euro
5 Beats Mixdown: 390.- Euro
10 Beats Mixdown: 690.- Euro


  • Send your Beat Trackouts in at least 44,1 kHz and 24Bit WAV or AIFF files for best results
  • Trust Phat Suspekt with 20 years of experience in mixing hiphop beats
  • Specialized in Trap and Classic Hiphop Productions
  • Get your Beat Mix right for Beatstars, Airbit, Youtube and all Major Streaming Platforms
  • /contact Phat Suspekt for further details.


Besides Beat Mixing, Phat Suspekt offers Vocal Recording and Mixing, Custom Beats, Free Beats and Beat Packs,
as well as Audio Engineering Tips for Production, Mixdown and Mastering.